About JaredTurner.org…


Who am I?

My name is Jared Turner and I’m a web designer from New Zealand, I’m lucky to be working in a field I’m passionate about, and that is building websites that provide a useful purpose to people, and help spread information and knowledge around our world.


As you can imagine I spend a large amount of my time on the internet, I find there is a large amount of great information out there, the only problem is finding it and using it to its full potential. The internet is still young and developing so we are seeing new ways to use all this information being presented to us.


What is this website for?

I use this website as a way for me to list interesting bits of information I find on my travels of the internet, it also helps spread awareness on the topics I post on and allows others to learn.
Each post written on jaredturner.org is put in a category, the categories are listed on the right column of the site so people can navigate the posts easily. These categories are based on my interests and I hope others with the same enjoy my posts.


Links page?

Also check out the links page to find sites I recommend on using to help you learn more on a range of topics.


Whats the drawing at the top of the site?

This is my friend Totoro, he became famous from the movie My Neighbor Totoro which was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki a Japanese director of many popular animated feature films. I enjoy his films as the stories are not traditional good vs evil story lines, as in Totoro’s film there isn’t even a bad guy in it. The stories are of people following their passions and dreams while coming to even greater realizations, which I hope is something everyone in the world is doing in their lives.


Here is a picture of these nice monkeys until I upload a picture of myself