Helix Wind Turbine…

The Helix wind turbine has the ability to cut your home power costs in half, this 2-kilowatt rated wind turbine spins no matter what direction the wind comes from (including vertically). With its sleek, clean design and with the ability for them to be installed much lower than traditional turbines this could be the home solution people are looking for..
Video Link: www.youtube.com
Official Site: www.helixwind.com
Article Link: www.ecogeek.org

OLPC in Afghanistan…

It’s been awhile since i have posted on the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), but it’s great to see that the laptops are making a big difference in schooling in countries around the world, like you will see in the video below, children in Afghanistan now have access to a library of information on many subjects which they have free access to..
Video Link: www.youtube.com
Article Link: www.treehugger.com

Wind-Up Battery…

From the designer Qian Jiang comes these rechargeable batteries. With charge times taking 5min for 40% capacity to 20min for 100% capacity, they also can be used as a traditional rechargeable battery and can be charged in classic AA chargers. I’m sorry but these don’t seem to have a price point or production date, but look and sound amazing…
Article Link: www.yankodesign.com

The Reprap 3D Printer…

Look at your computer setup and imagine that you hooked up a 3D printer. Instead of printing on bits of paper this 3D printer makes real, robust, mechanical parts. To give you an idea of how robust, think Lego bricks and you’re in the right area. You could make lots of useful stuff, but interestingly you could also make most of the parts to make another 3D printer. That would be a machine that could copy itself..
Video Link: www.vimeo.com
Official Website: http://reprap.org

RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.


Shot over three years in the USA, India and Mexico, Garbage Warrior is a feature-length documentary film telling the epic story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds and his fight to introduce radically sustainable housing. An inspirational tale of triumph over bureaucracy, Garbage Warrior is above all an intimate portrait of an extraordinary individual and his dream of changing the world.
Website Link: www.earthship.net
Video Link: www.youtube.com

Ultra Motor A2B…

This is a great combination of the bicycle and the motorbike, it has a 500-watt motor in the rear hub and motorcycle-like twist throttle delivers a comfortable and steady amount of power as you cruise along at the max of 20 miles per hour. The lithium-ion battery yields just over 20 miles of range. The final price is about $2,700..
Video Link: www.youtube.com
Article Link: www.wired.com

The Final Inch…

Gone from the modern world, but new cases of polio continue to afflict mostly children under age 3 in the poorest regions of just a few countries (India, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan). Luckily a film project portraying public health heroes working in the field to eradicate polio has been made, so people can stay educated on the subject and help stop polio..
Article Link: http://googleblog.blogspot.com
Website Link: www.thefinalinch.org
Video Link: www.youtube.com

Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge…

Armadillo Aerospace has won the Level One portion of the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge! They flew at Las Cruces International Airport on October 25, 2008, and earned the $350,000 in prize money. While they made an attempt to win Level Two on the 26, they weren’t able to pull off a double victory, leaving $1.65 million worth of prize money on the table. Check out some highlights from the first day of competition..
Video Link: www.youtube.com
Website Link: http://space.xprize.org

Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Food Forest…

Renowned international Permaculture teacher Geoff Lawton outlines the methods of designing and building your own food forest from conception to completion. The full video demonstrates the evolution of a food forest from day one through to a living 2,000 year old example still flourishing in the Middle East. The DVD will be available in September 2008..
Website Link: www.permaculture.org.au
Video Link: www.youtube.com